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We offer 4 different flavours. According to the season, and to what you prefer, we will change a flavour every month.

Absolutely! Our Vanjie cookie (dark chocolate) is 100% vegan. And so is Reese (our peanut and dark chocolate cookie). It is only the milk and white chocolate used in the others that contains dairy products unfortunately. We are looking for vegan options to solve this issue, and become 100% vegan!

Nuts (almond, peanut, hazelnut). Gluten (from our organic flour). Milk (only in our milk chocolate and white chocolate, no dairy products, nor eggs in our dough!).

We apologize for this, for you people who cannot indulge in Tough Cookie because of this. For the moment we are working in a cooking space and with one mixer that is always in contact with nuts, so we cannot provide a nut free cookie.

All the better to enjoy, said the wolf! 150g of pure gooey bliss. Treat yo self! And if you don’t feel like eating it all, you can always take the other half for later.

They are baked everyday and many times a day. We think our cookies are better when they are still warm. So we bake on demand! You will never be served a cold cookie baked the day before ! That’s a promise.

The perfect cookie for us, is crispy on the outside (check), with lots of melting chocolate (check!), and gooey on the inside (check!).  We want our cookies extra gooey ooey!  We make sure that the product is always super fresh so there is no risk! And, we don’t use eggs nor dairy products in our dough, so you can just relax and enjoy the extra gooeyness.

Mostly every month, but it also depends on you really. If you are fed up with a flavour let us know, we have a few recipes up our sleeve!

Visit our website, go to ‘shop all cookies’, and here are our 4 flavours! You can also find them on our social media accounts, where we will let you know when we are changing the flavour too!


Once you have a baked cookie in your possession, you can keep it up to 3 days (as there is no risk of it going bad, as there are no dairy products nor eggs in the dough!). It’s always better to reheat them though… See our Cookie love method for instructions!

Keep them in a dry place, in the box. If they are exposed not in an airtight place for too long, they will lose their gooeyness.

Yes baby! You can always reheat them when you want. Follow our cookie love instruction guide.

Follow these steps to eat your cookies at their best!

Choose your situation: 

– Scenario 1: you are planning to eat the cookies you just got delivered straight away.

Simply put the oven on to 180°, wait until it’s at temperature. In the meantime, put the cookies (or just the one) on a baking tray. Wait until the oven is at temperature (it will seem like ages, so take a few minutes to write to your friends or your Grandmother or whoever you feel like telling them that you love them or that they should really come over to share these amazing cookies with you), then put the tray in the oven for 5-7 minutes. Wait 5 more minutes (we know, it’s a lot of waiting) to get the texture to perfection , then finally, enjoy! 

– Scenario 2: you want to keep the cookies for later in the day. Store them in an airtight container until you are ready for them. Then apply scenario 1!

– Scenario 3: you want to keep them for a special occasion. Pop the beauties in an airtight container and in the freezer. You can keep them for up to 3 months in the freezer (but really, we know you won’t be able to wait that long). Then defrost them on a plate then apply scenario 1. Or you can put them straight from the freezer and bake them at 180° for 12 minutes. 


Yes we do! Wherever you are in Belgium, we can make it happen. And soon, maybe even abroad!

Just order by visiting our website and just click on ‘start shopping’. You will see our 4 different flavours of cookies and you can select which box you would like, and how many boxes.

We have 2 sort of delivery options for the moment. Either you can get an on demand delivery for the same day in Brussel and its communes. You can see with your postcode if you are within the perimeter of delivery. If not, it will be by our nationwide delivery service. You can get it delivered in two days depending on your exact location. We have 4 days possible to get your delivery from Tuesday to Friday. To order, select your date. You will shortly receive an email from DPD to confirm the delivery details.

Yes absolutely! Just give us a call as quickly as you can to modify your order. We can change the order to what you would like instead. Prepare your order number and details, and send us an email at

We never put any price anywhere, don’t worry. The only price detail you will get is with the email you used to order (we always send you a bill).

Please let us know in the 24hr after receiving the order. Send us a photo of the damage at the email adresse and we will see what we can do.

If you haven’t received your order by the end of our working day, let us know by sending us an email at and we will see what happened, and we will make sure you get it as soon as possible.

This is something we don’t do because of the perishable nature of our products. If anything was wrong with your order, let us know as soon as possible by sending us an email at so that we can do something to make it up to you.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a complete and correct address is supplied, along with a correct phone number for contact. It is also the customer’s responsibility that there is someone to accept the delivery at the address. We cannot accept responsibility for late or missing deliveries due to insufficient or incorrect information supplied, or because there is no-one to accept delivery.


Please note if the recipient is unable to accept delivery, we will endeavour to leave it in a safe place or with a neighbour/co-worker. If our drivers are directed to a loading bay, we cannot accept responsibility for how the cookies are handled. Finally, be advised that as it is a freshly made product, we are unable to re-deliver.

You can absolutely do so, by giving us all the information about the person to leave it with. You will be able to do so before the checkout on our website.

According to your address, there are different options of delivery.  If you were within the local delivery option, you will have a time slot specified to you when ordering. You can select the day between Tuesday and Sunday, and the time slot for your local delivery.

Depending on the address you selected for the delivery, the price will change according to that address. For a classic delivery, the price will be 2.5-7 euros. For nationwide delivery, the price will be 4.99 euros.


When ordering, select the date you wish to receive your order for. Bare in mind that the nationwide delivery option, delivers in two open days. If it is for a special occasion and you are scared the order might come in too late during the day, you can alway order to receive it a day or two before the actual event. Because remember, you can still get gooey cookies by reheating them, by following our Cookie Love guideline!

Not to worry. Just contact us via email or by phone to let us know what’s wrong with your order, and we can figure out how to make it up to you. Remember we don’t accept returns, so please don’t give the order back to the delivery person. We will solve the problem ourselves.

When you have placed the order and the payment has been accepted you cannot change online directly, you have to contact us by email, or by phoning us.

Please let us know what is your question by emailing us to